Capture his heart and make him love you for eternity!

One of the things that my female clients often tell me when they come to counselling is that they are desperate for a relationship with a man who is worthy of them.

What they mean by this, I think, is that they want a relationship where there is mutual respect, love, and trust, without any of the emotional baggage that can come into play between people who are have been in relationships before and people who have been wounded emotionally during childhood.

Partposter depicting Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You ForeverNow although this might seem like a simple desire, as you know, finding a good relationship can actually be quite difficult — and that’s putting it mildly. One of the reasons for this is that we are all bound by our previous experience, and often childhood is not a time In which children learn positive things about intimacy, love and affection.

Nonetheless, it should be possible for all people in the world to enjoy a positive relationship, and that’s why I fully support the wide distribution of Internet programs which purport to tell people about the ins and outs of relationships, with particular reference to finding intimacy and establishing trust.

One of the most common and widespread Internet programs in this regard is called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You For Ever (details of this dating advice can be found here), which has been parodied in many places as conquer his heart and keep him and chained for eternity…. but I don’t agree with that spoof, because I think the program is actually a really good one. We’ll see why in a minute.

Now, one of the things that I’ve learned in the years that I’ve been counselling individuals for various aspects of psychology and emotional issues is that there is no straightforward solution — it’s certainly true that when it comes to relationships, one size very definitely does not fit all!

And of course we all know this anyway, because intimate relationships are quite challenging, and almost all of us have experienced one or more adult relationships in our lifetime.

So what can be done to make life easier? Well, I think one of the first things as people to learn how to communicate cleanly and honestly, in the process of which they own their own judgements rather than presenting them as facts. Furthermore, another development in indication is for people to own their feelings, rather than blaming the other person for causing them, which is the common way of doing things, even between people who know each other well.

Thirdly, clean talk involves owning your feelings and not blaming the other person for those things that you feel they may have done. To be able to move into a place where this is possible takes considerable emotional maturity, and it’s certainly true that a minority of people in the world are able to do this confidently and effectively!

Even so, I do believe that Capture His Heart and similar programs are unquestionably one way in which women and men alike can find it quicker and easier route to a good quality relationship, relying on the support and advice provided by the authors of these programs, people like Mike Fiore and Claire Casey.

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Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever – Dating Advice For Women

If you have a sexual dysfunction like delayed ejaculation or retard ejaculation, information on the web is easily available. For example, I’ve produce several videos on the subject, and you can see them here:

Men’s concerns, as I’ve observed, tend to be about sexual problems, in particular performance in bed — if we can give it that name! So, for example, are mature ejaculation ranks high on men’s list of concerns, and rightly so, because it affects many couples. I reckon that about two thirds of men experience premature ejaculation, which deprives both them and their partners were great deal of sexual pleasure.

However, there’s another aspect of relationship which is overlooked that can be just as problematical: and that is not knowing how to date will stop now with all been out on dates, or I guess that leaves most of us have, although there’s always the challenging issue of the 40-year-old virgin — which, although an amusing and popular film, does represent a real difficulty for a great number of men. However, advice on that particular aspect of sexual aversion can be found elsewhere.

Here, we’re debating and discussing the issue of where to find good dating advice, and in particular, good dating advice to women. You see, I think men tend to discuss this kind of thing amongst themselves, but I suspect women who don’t know how to date men are more reluctant to talk to their friends about it. There’s a kind of prestige, perhaps almost a kind of reflection of self, for women in being within a relationship, and it’s pretty important for both women and men’s emotional health to be in a relationship that supports their identity, affirms their identity, and provides them with joy and happiness.

The unfortunate truth, of course is that their relationships are quite dysfunctional, and often if people knew more about dating, or if their friends have given them some critical dating tips, they would never even got into these relationships in the first place. So what are we to do about this dearth of knowledge? Well, one answer is to look at good programs on the Internet written by people know what they’re talking about.

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best pieces of information is Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, a program by Michael Fiore. He’s one of the foremost dating and relationship experts on the Internet, he’s written many websites on dating advice from men, and dating advice women to this end, therefore, I recommend that any woman who requires dating advice has a look at his website which you can see on the link attached.



This is a place where you can find information on how to meet the right kind of person, what to expect in relationship, how men and women meet and connect, both emotionally and spiritually, and all so it gives great deal of information for women who want to know more about what motivates men, and in particular women who want to understand male behaviour. What I should say is that there is a section on sexual techniques and sexual pleasure, but it’s not the main thrust of this program.

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Delayed Ejaculation Can Be Cured

An important point that has to be emphasized is that orgasm or the perception of reaching a climax during sex is a mental occurrence – it all happens happens exclusively in the mind, even with the overwhelming physical sensations that are associated with it. When men and their partners try to discuss the topic of delayed ejaculation, they generally tend to lump these two occurrences together. Contrary to generally accepted perceptions, orgasm and ejaculation are 2 thoroughly different events!

Ejaculation, on the other hand, is a purely physical response which is triggered by persistent stimulation to the penis and sexually sensitive nerve endings elsewhere in the body. Science has not yet identified where sexual orgasm occurs within the brain, but much is known about the synaptic pathways by which the physical function of ejaculation is triggered.

There are competing viewpoints but one theory is that when erotic pleasure gets to a certain threshold, the emission of ejaculatory fluids near the farthest point of the the urethra increases the pressure at the root of the penis, and this consequently results in a whole series of physical responses which includes flexing of the pubococcygeal muscle.

The autonomic nervous system is at full play as far as ejaculation is concerned, while sexual arousal is confined to the voluntary nervous system.

As it is, medical professional have long known about delayed ejaculation and evolution of the terminology given to this bodily phenomenon probably represents in a very real sense, the scientific community’s evolving attitude to this function: ejaculatory incompetence, ejaculatory over-control, retarded ejaculation, and finally delayed ejaculation.

These are names that clearly show, at least in my mind, a new and increasingly sympathetic attitude for the men who are having sexual problems with their partners because of their inability to ejaculate in a timely way during sexual intercourse.

What is particularly puzzling to researchers is that many of delayed ejaculation sufferers are able to climax normally from masturbation. This fact has given rise to the belief that there may be a correlation between a couple’s relationship status with the inability to reach orgasm and ejaculate in the course of engaging in sex. However, one must exercise a healthy dose of skepticism when seeking an explanation that lies in the relationship between a couple.

There’s ample reason to conclude that a man’s apparent inability to ejaculate even when a partner performs fellatio on him, during actual intercourse, or through direct manual stimulation by a partner merely represents the fact that there’s nothing in these activities that approximate the higher degree of stimulation that an individual may have learned to perform on his own penis in the act of pleasuring himself.

We know that the body can be trained to respond to these high level or style of stimulation, so it’s always wise to initially find out whether or not the delay in ejaculating simply lies in the fact that the man by himself, can perform harsh, firm, or high-frequency pressure during self pleasuring, in a way that is not simulated in the course of sexual intercourse with a partner.

If the problem is, in fact, caused by a simple incompatibility in techniques, the remedy will be in the form of a physical reconditioning of the body, the sex organ and the mind, to respond to much more gentle stimulation that can eventually bring about an orgasm in the course of sexual intercourse.

In many instances, counsellors and sex therapists more often than not, base their recommendations on the supposition that that the internal dynamics is the real cause of the problem.

Quite frankly, there’s solid basis for this assumption. In my years of working as a therapist, I’ve encountered couples who have become alienated from each other and have reduced intimacy to such a degree that the man no longer finds gratification in intercourse, and secretly disdains the routine, whilst simultaneously finding himself powerless to reach out to his spouse or partner in a way that might open a route to a mutually agreeable solution to these problems.

Moreover, even without hostility, anger, or any other emotion on the part of the man towards the woman, there may well be a particular type of individual who is prone to delayed ejaculation.

According to the most current scientific journals, this individual type is quite likely a person who is somehow disconnected to his personal preferences to induce sexual arousal, who is generally unable to realize just how aroused he is when indulging in any sexual intercourse, who regards sex with his partner as some obligation for which he is responsible, who considers his partner’s pleasure during sexual intercourse as a basic obligation, and who believes that her pleasure must come before anything else and is the priority during sex. These personalities generally, whether consciously or not, perceive themselves as the “mighty purveyor of sex”, grinding on (sometimes to no avail) to bring the sexual intercourse to a successful climax.

It is also observable that the majority of the partners of men with this condition tend to be somewhat passive about sex, and have an expectation that the male is somehow responsible for their sexual pleasure. The truth is, they are of course responsible for their personal orgasm. In instances like this, it’s absolutely advantageous to be able to re-educate a couple and make available some useful sexual information. This way, the couple’s ideas and attitudes about sex and erotic pleasure can be brought more into line with reality.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that males who fall into this subservient sexual profile generally lack solid grasp of their personal gradations of arousal. In a very real sense, there appears to be some kind of disconnect, or a blank space, in their sexual maturity, in such a way that they have rendered dependent their internal mechanism of sexual pleasure with the external dynamics of engaging in intercourse with a partner.

What I mean by this is that their own erotic world somehow doesn’t serve as a source of sexual arousal and pleasure: they are left in a sort of sexual limbo in which they propose to engage in sexual intercourse minus all the emotional and physical tools that are necessary for the sex act to be a pleasurable and intimate exercise.

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Delayed Ejaculation Videos


Delayed ejaculation




How to control premature ejaculation


Have a look at this video on yeast infection no more for a start!

 Another helpful resource for delayed ejaculation can be found here.

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