You Really Can Last Much Longer – And Here’s How!

You’re probably wondering if any of the popular premature ejaculation control programs available actually work.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets about the “How To Last Longer” industry here….

First, though, you might be thinking “What the heck are this guy’s qualifications for telling me what can and can’t help me last longer in bed?”

Short answer: I’m a sex therapist and I’ve spent 12 years helping men get over premature ejaculation, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

More to the point – all the techniques I use in my own private practice with clients are the ones used in sex adviser Lloyd Lester’s program Ejaculation By Command.

Ejaculation By Command Offers You CONTROL In Bed - Immediately!
Ejaculation By Command Offers You Immediate Control In Bed !

So here’s the real deal: Ejaculation By Command is based on tried and tested techniques that really work. In fact, they are the techniques used by sex therapists when you see them one to one.

But you don’t need to see a therapist – you can get all of these effective ejaculation control tricks and techniques online.

And you’ve come to the right place for honest facts and opinions.

One way or another, this review will help you discover how to enjoy long lasting sex AND show you ways to give your partner loads of orgasms during sex. Read on to find out more…..

As far as I know, there are only two other programs on the market that cover these techniques. Ejaculation By Command looks like the best one because it explains how to control premature ejaculation in a down-to-earth, practical, honest and simple way. And it includes some really juicy bonuses!

Just in case you don’t want to read any more of my wisdom, and you just want to go take a look at it, you can find a link at the top of the right hand column of this page. 

Ejaculation By Command
Independent reviews are important !

On the other hand: I can give you an independent review, a genuine inside track on what Lloyd’s got to offer.

First though, what about all those other ideas you’ve heard about for PE control? You know what I mean…. masturbate before sex / use two condoms / think about your taxes/ use sex positions that don’t get you so excited /squeeze your PC muscles/ use a delay spray….. and on, and on.

If you’ve tried any of those, you’ll know they just DO NOT work. That is why you need Ejaculation by Command. It’s much more sophisticated and PRACTICAL. (And by the way, using two condoms is dangerous – they can split.)

What Do You Get For Your Money?

First, when you invest in Lloyd Lester’s Ejaculation By Command you have a choice of two versions – standard and platinum. To make sure I reviewed the product properly, I bought the Platinum Edition.

You obviously don’t have to get this, you can just get the basic one.

It all depends what upgrades you want, and whether the extras in the platinum version add any value for you – we’ll get to that in a minute.

So, when I sign into the private members’ area the first thing I see is a fabulous array of eBooks, an audio edition to go along with them, and lots of bonus videos as well, so this all looks pretty good value for money.


Ejaculation By Command can offer a couple the hope of sexual pleasure
Please her next time you get into bed!

And more to the point, it’s very professionally laid out, so there’s been some time and effort and money spent on the design of this program.

To me, that matters – this guy has high standards. It’s a promising start, because it looks like he means business.

The Truth About Ejaculation By Command’s eBooks, Audio Books, And Videos.

The material you get is fantastic – as you can see –

  • The main Ejaculation by Command eBook (and its audio edition) plus the following bonuses –
  • Emergency Tactics to Last Longer
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Raunchy Sex Secrets, Subtitled “Transforming Your Sex Life in Wickedly Sensuous Ways”
  • Female Orgasm Secrets, Subtitled “How to Give Women Insanely Powerful Orgasms”
  • The Bonus Video Series on Female G Spot Stimulation and Orgasm
  • Bonus Videos on “How to Blow Her Mind With Sensational Oral Sex”
  • Top 10 Sex Positions Featuring Eva Angelina and Madelyn Marie
  • And a special unadvertised bonus which I won’t give away here, except to say it’s going to work both inside and outside the bedroom to make your relationship even better (though I may reveal more about it later on, because it’s pretty tasty!)

And if you buy the platinum package you get even more – the platinum add-ons are as follows:

  • Beyond Supreme Stamina: Achieving Male Multiple Orgasms
  • Longevity Supremo: Developing Sexual Endurance On Autopilot
  • Penis Supremacy: Natural Penis Enlargement Made Easy
  • Turbo Sexual Fuel: Powerful Sex Foods & Nutritional Secrets To Boost Your Sexual Health
  • Platinum BONUS: Advanced Sex Positions That Make Sex HOTTER!

There you go. I admit that is a lot of material. And I’m the first to agree that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

The only way to know if this stuff is any good is to have a look at it.

premature-ejaculation (14)Read on below to find out exactly how Ejaculation By Command will help you stop premature ejaculation!

The main eBook is a pretty chunky production which takes maybe 10 seconds or so to load, and it consists of, wait for it, an astounding 135 pages of material.

But the good news is you don’t have to take it to bed with you!

In the introduction the author, Lloyd Lester, says his work is not just about helping you last longer in bed, but it’s also about giving your partner complete sexual satisfaction.

Sounds like a fair deal to me. So how’s he going to do that?

The answer is – step by step!

First of all he explains very clearly and simply just what premature ejaculation means, how many men experience it, whether it matters, and whether it can be stopped (in case you’re wondering- it definitely can!)

This basic information occupies a few pages at the start of the eBook.

To me, the most important thing here is the emphasis that premature ejaculation is something most men experience when they have sex – it’s normal!

To stop it, you need you to do something different from what you’ve always done during sex.

That means

  • some physical movement of the muscles down deep in your pelvic area
  • having a different mental attitude to sex,
  • knowing the techniques that can control your ejaculation – and, by the way, these techniques make your semen spurt out more powerfully in several jets
  • using your sexual energy differently, and
  • knowing how to approach women in bed more confidently in every way
If you come too soon, she won't be pleased - no matter what she says
If you come too soon, she won’t be pleased – no matter what she says

Lester also points out that you need to understand most women really do care about premature ejaculation even if they say they don’t.

That’s because a woman wants the intimate connection that intercourse provides, and it’s your job as a man to give it to her.

And if you give up before she’s satisfied – more fool you.

As Lloyd says, with no BS: “Not being able to last long enough can put considerable strain even in the most enduring sexual relationships. Even if your female partner says she doesn’t mind, the simple truth is she will almost certainly wonder what sex would be like if you (or any other man) could last long enough to bring her to an exquisite orgasm.”

Watch an amazing video on how to get EXTREME STAMINA in bed immediately! Just click here.

That is pretty challenging stuff!

Just think – if you don’t want your marriage or relationship to hit the rocks because you’re not much use in the sack, then you need the techniques described in this book.

In fact, even if you think you’re a good lover, and just want to make your partner come during sex, you need the techniques described in this book.

And if you’re a man who comes in less than 5 minutes while fucking, you absolutely, definitely need the techniques in this book.

The whole approach is about finding a permanent solution, definitely not those horrible quick fixes using drugs (I couldn’t agree more: who the heck wants to use heavy duty pharmaceuticals that blast your brain just to give you extra 30 seconds in bed!!?), condoms with numbing cream (which don’t work anyway), spray-on anesthetics which make her vagina numb, or thinking about baseball when you’re having sex – how crazy is that!

So before showing you how to last longer, Ejaculation by Command shatters a few myths about PE.

Chief among them is the old idea that “distraction thinking” will make you last longer… As you know if you’ve tried it, thinking about math, baseball, or roadkill just doesn’t help. (No surprise there, really.)

Some other myths are eye-openers as well, especially the one about porn actors who seem to have incredible stamina. I couldn’t believe the truth here! It’s something every man should know.

Read on below to find out what it is!

Stop Coming So Fast!

Ejaculation By Command Is Probably The Finest Male Control Program Available

Anyway, moving on, next you get a meaty section explaining how your mind and body respond to sexual stimulation, covering such things as why you get an erection, what happens when you get horny, and why you feel such an urge to fuck and come.

That desire, of course, is the enemy of self-control and it’s the first thing you need to conquer if you are to get complete mastery of your ejaculation.

Ejaculation By Command offers male control
She wants you to satisfy her – slowly!

And for sure, the real power of this program is in the techniques which give you 100% control over your desire to ejaculate.

That way, you can actually choose when to ejaculate. 

Think what that means – no more hanging on desperately, gritting your teeth, or clenching your ass yet still shooting too soon, no more unhappy women, no more embarrassment or excuses….

A Video About Premature Ejaculation

And what of female pleasure during sex?

For all I know some of you guys might be wise enough to be giving your partner an orgasm before you get into her anyway, but if you’re not, why not?

Ejaculation by Command reviews why you MUST do this, and then sets out the most reliable ways to give your partner an orgasm before you start intercourse.

This takes the pressure right off you.

You can have complete ejaculation control in days
Give it up guys! Control is possible!

It’s all explained in detail, along with crucial stuff like why distraction techniques spoil sex (and they don’t work anyway), what your woman really wants from you during sex, how you can give it to her, and what that means for your relationship.

Among a lot of other vital information, there are 17 extremely helpful tips that WILL completely transform the way you see sex.

I reviewed all 17 and I can tell you these tips alone will turn you into a powerful, confident man who doesn’t expect to come prematurely.

This is gold dust. It’s information that allows you to really be confident in bed with your partner.

So much so that she’ll look at you with respect and admiration.

Mental attitude is half the battle here, that’s for sure.

If you’ve ever apologized for coming too soon, you really need to read this stuff. It totally reprograms your expectations and beliefs about sex.

Don’t apologize: instead, find out how you can use premature ejaculation as an opportunity to make your woman understand how beautiful she is, and how horny you get when you’re with her!

(But you gotta do it right…. the exact method is here, for the taking.)

What’s In The eBook?

Now, in the 135 pages of the Ejaculation By Command eBook – a devastating, honest, no-holds-barred eBook – you get all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to stop yourself shooting your load too soon when you’re having sex.

And the great thing is, like I said before, those 135 pages don’t all have to come to bed with you!

The section on techniques shows you how your body responds when you’re getting sexually excited, and what you can do to slow your arousal down.

And this doesn’t mean you feel less pleasure, it simply means your body isn’t going to hurtle uncontrollably towards orgasm and ejaculation.

Good or bad? You decide!
Good or bad? You decide!

One of the points other reviews of Ejaculation By Command miss is the fantastic quality of these ideas.

You actually get more pleasure for yourself when you spend more time getting your partner really aroused.

That’s because, when you finally do go into her, she’s more likely to have an orgasm. It’s a complete win-win.

So what are these techniques?

Well, they involve

  • breathing techniques
  • muscle control techniques
  • the best sex positions to delay ejaculation
  • thrusting techniques
  • relaxation techniques
  • and incredibly powerful mental techniques that keep you BELOW the point of no return for as long as you want (that’s the point where you’re going to come and nothing will stop you ejaculating).

These techniques are also matched to your personality type, which helps you find the fastest and most powerful ejaculation control techniques for you!

What Else Do You Get For Your Money?

Ejaculation By Command shows you many fantastic ejaculation control techniques, explains them in detail, and shows yo how to use them! And, even better – they actually WORK! 
Find them here (click here).

How to control ejaculation
How to control ejaculation – once and for all!

Are they hard to use? No! These techniques are very easy to use.

But more than anything else, what makes this program unique is all the mind control techniques you get to help you with ejaculation control.

These are “secret” NLP techniques you can use to reprogram your whole approach to sex, long before you get into in bed …. which you then use when you are in bed!

They will easily, powerfully, and effectively program you with the power to last longer. Combined with the physical techniques in Ejaculation by Command, they are dynamite!

This is incredibly powerful stuff. Far from trying to control PE by distracting yourself by thinking about baseball, taxes or roadkill, you can be right there, right in the experience of making love to your partner, feeling every sensation, hearing every sound, alive to every touch, reveling in the deep, deep sensuous pleasure of sex…. pleasure both you and your partner are getting, while you have complete control over your ejaculation. Astounding!

Review Ejaculation By Command And Discover The Ultimate Secrets Of Control in Bed

Now, while I don’t want to go overboard in my review of Ejaculation By Command, I do want to show you how good it is.

superchargingejaculatorycontrol210The reason I know these things work is simple: these are the techniques I use every day when I work with my male clients face to face. 

And, though it pains me to admit it, they are also the techniques I used to curb my own premature ejaculation when I was a “two pump chump” all those years ago….

….yeah, I know all about the shame, the embarrassment and the feeling of failure. I was there once, too. And I’m now confident with any woman I take to my bed. I have complete sexual mastery. I can choose when I ejaculate during sex. 

I really like the overall approach – how to “train” your mind as well as your body to last longer.

PC Muscle Control

And yes, you’re absolutely right if you’re wondering if these techniques include pubococcygeal muscle control techniques (PC muscle for short).

But what nobody else ever explained about this is one simple truth – you heard it here first – clenching your PC muscle won’t stop you ejaculating.

What PC muscle control can do, though, is help you to last a great deal longer before you even get to the point of ejaculation: but you have to use it the right way, for the right length of time.

And all this requires is some practice and a little muscle training.

Control of ejaculation is easy
Complete control of when you spurt! At last!

But here’s the great thing! You can do this while you’re masturbating; yes, while you’re pleasuring yourself, you can actually learn the correct way to delay ejaculation and then you can take the method straight into bed with your partner. How fantastic is that!

And you know what? Although the ejaculation control instructions are extremely easy to follow and very enjoyable, it gets better…..

In fact, by using a “pocket vagina” – it’s a sex toy – called “The Stamina Training Unit” you can practice with a very realistic model vagina till your ejaculation control is top-notch!

Here’s an extract from the program: “While your hand is as good as it gets for masturbation, it can never replicate the warm, moist and highly stimulating environment of a real vagina.

One solution around this problem while you’re learning to control your ejaculation is to use what is called a ‘pocket vagina.’

This is basically a lifelike sex toy for men that enhances the training of your ejaculatory control.

The stamina training unit comes with a supersensitive vaginal canal texture specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensations of sexual intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance.”

(Oh, and I can tell you that’s all true – ahem…..I mean, I test everything!)

Do you realize what this means guys? You can actually learn to be a long-lasting lover before you even get near a woman. Just think what that could mean for you, let alone the woman you take to bed!

In short, I think Ejaculation By Command is a no-brainer, a must-have for men who want to last longer in bed.

It’s detailed; it’s practical, it’s easy-to-use. Well written, with 24/7 support…. it’s astounding what you get for your money.

The mind control and muscle power exercises take you through masturbation, while the artificial vagina (described above) gives you a ton of ways to develop maximum sexual stamina with a partner.

Take it from me, the techniques you use to practice ejaculation control are sexy, sensuous, and completely orgasmic!

The sex you can then enjoy (fast, hard thrusting while you still maintain total control over when you come), is the kind of sex women absolutely adore, because it makes them feel sexy, raunchy, liberated, and above all intimately connected, sexually, with their man (that’s YOU!).

As far as you’re concerned, the bonus is that this is a million miles away from  boring foreplay. It’s basically a ton of techniques that really turn you on and at the same time help you to last much longer.

Conclusion? Ejaculation By Command Is A Program That Works!

So, to be absolutely honest, if you’re at all interested in lasting for as long as you want in bed – then Lloyd Lester’s program Ejaculation By Command is clearly the one you need.

It’s high quality, it’s practical, and it certainly works… I know this from all the feedback from the men I’ve worked with, and from my own experience. You see, like I said, I used these techniques on myself.

And that’s not an admission you hear very often from reviewers of eBook products!!

That’s plenty of time for you to learn how to become a long-lasting lover, but if any reason it doesn’t suit you, you can get your money back. Fantastic! Click here to find out more!

Use The Power Of Your Mind To Control Climax

One of the most magnificent things about learning ejaculation control is the way in which you can use unexpected approaches to solve the problem.

For example, we all know about the Law of Attraction and manifestation from the incredible success of The Secret, which took the world by storm in 2006 and has continued to sell in its millions ever since.

A lot of people have ridiculed the precepts set out in The Secret, but the fact of the matter is that as a modality for improving your life, it remains unrivaled – or, to be exact, the principles espoused in that book (and film) remain unrivaled.

You see, success in using the Law of Attraction depends on several things: first of all depends on having sufficiently intense desire for what your desired outcome might be, and then after that it depends on having strong belief in the possibility that you will actually be able to manifest that outcome.

The film of The Secret demonstrated beyond question the enthusiasm, the reality, and the magnificence of manifestation as a process when you’ve managed to master it – but what it failed to do was explain exactly how to use the techniques to bring about desired outcomes in your life.

Ejaculation control is no different manifesting any kind of physical reality: in other words, to gain control of your ejaculation you need to use your mind in the appropriate way, and that starts with expectation.

In other words, your expectation must be that you actually will manage to develop good ejaculation control, and that you can in fact control when you come during sex.

Now of course one of the issues with this statement is that most men who have premature ejaculation don’t actually understand that control is possible, and even if they do, they don’t believe that they themselves will be able to master the art of controlling the time which they ejaculate during sex.

In a way that’s a metaphor for the whole process of manifestation, because most people fall at the first hurdle: that of believing that they actually are in control of their bodies – and their minds – and that they can in fact bring about extraordinary outcomes just by using their innate potential and natural human abilities.

So what I’m encouraging you to do here is to develop a state of mind where you actually believe that you can control your ejaculation, and then to use the techniques of mind control and self-development which are available to you to generate sufficient ejaculation control to last as long as you want during sex.

The thing is this: that actually it’s your intention that determines how successful you are going to be about control premature ejaculation.#

Because it’s intention that manifest everything in life – if you think negatively about your performance in bed, and if you have negative expectations about how long you can last, then that is precisely what you’re going to experience.

The truth of this matter is simple: you can make the decision to be a real man, to step into your power, and to manifest reality that may be very different to the one you’re experiencing the moment, or you can choose to remain in the powerless and weak place you currently occupy.

The choice is yours, just as the choice about every single thing in life has always been yours and will always continue to be yours.

Very few men actually exert their power in life in a meaningful way, and by using the techniques of manifestation and goal creation, you can change your life in a way that few other men will actually ever bother to do so.

The fact of the matter is back developing techniques of manifestation and goal setting and achievement which allow you to control your ejaculation, you stand out head and shoulders above the majority of the male population.

And this is no small thing, because to move fully into your masculinity, and to believe that you can become the man you truly would born to be is a massively powerful statement of your position in relation to the world: that of control. You can click here to learn more about manifestation.

Make no mistake about it, exerting this level of control of your destiny is a rare thing, and it’ll empower you in ways that you can never even imagined. Manifesting masculine power in this way will make women respect you in a way that you could never have imagined possible when you are ejaculating quickly in bed.

Let me ask you a question: do you really want to be the man that women secretly pity and console when they ejaculate after two minutes of intercourse, by saying “oh no of course it doesn’t matter darling”.

Do you think they really mean that? Do you think they respect you at a very deep and fundamental level of masculine and feminine energy? The truth is, that if you don’t know the answer to that question then I’ll tell you: women respect a man who’s taken his destiny into his own hands and is exerting his male power in a way that is designed to satisfy both himself and his female partner.


Capture His Heart

One of the things that my female clients often tell me when they come to counselling is that they are desperate for a relationship with a man who is worthy of them.

What they mean by this, I think, is that they want a relationship where there is mutual respect, love, and trust, without any of the emotional baggage that can come into play between people who are have been in relationships before and people who have been wounded emotionally during childhood.

1-300_can-you-make_1a (4)Now although this might seem like a simple desire, as you know, finding a good relationship can actually be quite difficult — and that’s putting it mildly.

One of the reasons for this is that we are all bound by our previous experience, and often childhood is not a time In which children learn positive things about intimacy, love and affection.

Nonetheless, it should be possible for all people in the world to enjoy a positive relationship, and that’s why I fully support the wide distribution of Internet programs which purport to tell people about the ins and outs of relationships, with particular reference to finding intimacy and establishing trust.

One of the most common and widespread Internet programs in this regard is called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You For Ever (details of this dating advice can be found here), which has been parodied in many places as conquer his heart and keep him and chained for eternity…. but I don’t agree with that spoof, because I think the program is actually a really good one. We’ll see why in a minute.

Now, one of the things that I’ve learned in the years that I’ve been counselling individuals for various aspects of psychology and emotional issues is that there is no straightforward solution — it’s certainly true that when it comes to relationships, one size very definitely does not fit all!

And of course we all know this anyway, because intimate relationships are quite challenging, and almost all of us have experienced one or more adult relationships in our lifetime.

So what can be done to make life easier?

Well, I think one of the first things as people to learn how to communicate cleanly and honestly, in the process of which they own their own judgements rather than presenting them as facts.

Furthermore, another development in indication is for people to own their feelings, rather than blaming the other person for causing them, which is the common way of doing things, even between people who know each other well.

Thirdly, clean talk involves owning your feelings and not blaming the other person for those things that you feel they may have done.

To be able to move into a place where this is possible takes considerable emotional maturity, and it’s certainly true that a minority of people in the world are able to do this confidently and effectively!

Even so, I do believe that Capture His Heart and similar programs are unquestionably one way in which women and men alike can find it quicker and easier route to a good quality relationship, relying on the support and advice provided by the authors of these programs, people like Mike Fiore and Claire Casey, whose photos are shown below…

Photos of Mike Fiore and Claire Casey

1-300_can-you-make_1a (18)

1-300_can-you-make_1a (2)However, there’s another aspect of relationship which is overlooked that can be just as problematical: and that is not knowing how to date will stop now with all been out on dates, or I guess that leaves most of us have, although there’s always the challenging issue of the 40-year-old virgin! 
Although an amusing and popular film, does represent a real difficulty for a great number of men. However, advice on that particular aspect of sexual aversion can be found elsewhere.

Here, we’re debating and discussing the issue of where to find good dating advice, and in particular, good dating advice to women.

You see, I think men tend to discuss this kind of thing amongst themselves, but I suspect women who don’t know how to date men are more reluctant to talk to their friends about it.

There’s a kind of prestige, perhaps almost a kind of reflection of self, for women in being within a relationship, and it’s pretty important for both women and men’s emotional health to be in a relationship that supports their identity, affirms their identity, and provides them with joy and happiness.

The unfortunate truth, of course is that their relationships are quite dysfunctional, and often if people knew more about dating, or if their friends have given them some critical dating tips, they would never even got into these relationships in the first place.

So what are we to do about this dearth of knowledge? Well, one answer is to look at good programs on the Internet written by people know what they’re talking about.

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best pieces of information is Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, a program by Michael Fiore.

He’s one of the foremost dating and relationship experts on the Internet, he’s written many websites on dating advice from men, and dating advice women to this end, therefore, I recommend that any woman who requires dating advice has a look at his website which you can see on the link attached.

This is a place where you can find information on how to meet the right kind of person, what to expect in relationship, how men and women meet and connect, both emotionally and spiritually.

And all so it gives great deal of information for women who want to know more about what motivates men, and in particular women who want to understand male behaviour.

What I should say is that there is a section on sexual techniques and sexual pleasure, but it’s not the main thrust of this program.

Delayed Ejaculation Can Be Cured

An important point that has to be emphasized is that orgasm or the perception of reaching a climax during sex is a mental occurrence – it all happens happens exclusively in the mind, even with the overwhelming physical sensations that are associated with it.

When men and their partners try to discuss the topic of delayed ejaculation, they generally tend to lump these two occurrences together.

Contrary to generally accepted perceptions, orgasm and ejaculation are 2 thoroughly different events!

Ejaculation, on the other hand, is a purely physical response which is triggered by persistent stimulation to the penis and sexually sensitive nerve endings elsewhere in the body.

Science has not yet identified where sexual orgasm occurs within the brain, but much is known about the synaptic pathways by which the physical function of ejaculation is triggered.

There are competing viewpoints but one theory is that when erotic pleasure gets to a certain threshold, the emission of ejaculatory fluids near the farthest point of the the urethra increases the pressure at the root of the penis, and this consequently results in a whole series of physical responses which includes flexing of the pubococcygeal muscle.

The autonomic nervous system is at full play as far as ejaculation is concerned, while sexual arousal is confined to the voluntary nervous system.

As it is, medical professional have long known about delayed ejaculation and evolution of the terminology given to this bodily phenomenon probably represents in a very real sense, the scientific community’s evolving attitude to this function: ejaculatory incompetence, ejaculatory over-control, retarded ejaculation, and finally delayed ejaculation.

These are names that clearly show, at least in my mind, a new and increasingly sympathetic attitude for the men who are having sexual problems with their partners because of their inability to ejaculate in a timely way during sexual intercourse.

What is particularly puzzling to researchers is that many of delayed ejaculation sufferers are able to climax normally from masturbation.

This fact has given rise to the belief that there may be a correlation between a couple’s relationship status with the inability to reach orgasm and ejaculate in the course of engaging in sex. However, one must exercise a healthy dose of skepticism when seeking an explanation that lies in the relationship between a couple.

There’s ample reason to conclude that a man’s apparent inability to ejaculate even when a partner performs fellatio on him, during actual intercourse, or through direct manual stimulation by a partner merely represents the fact that there’s nothing in these activities that approximate the higher degree of stimulation that an individual may have learned to perform on his own penis in the act of pleasuring himself.

We know that the body can be trained to respond to these high level or style of stimulation, so it’s always wise to initially find out whether or not the delay in ejaculating simply lies in the fact that the man by himself, can perform harsh, firm, or high-frequency pressure during self pleasuring, in a way that is not simulated in the course of sexual intercourse with a partner.

If the problem is, in fact, caused by a simple incompatibility in techniques, the remedy will be in the form of a physical reconditioning of the body, the sex organ and the mind, to respond to much more gentle stimulation that can eventually bring about an orgasm in the course of sexual intercourse.

In many instances, counsellors and sex therapists more often than not, base their recommendations on the supposition that that the internal dynamics is the real cause of the problem.

Quite frankly, there’s solid basis for this assumption. In my years of working as a therapist, I’ve encountered couples who have become alienated from each other and have reduced intimacy to such a degree that the man no longer finds gratification in intercourse.

In these cases, he secretly disdains the routine, whilst simultaneously finding himself powerless to reach out to his spouse or partner in a way that might open a route to a mutually agreeable solution to these problems.

Moreover, even without hostility, anger, or any other emotion on the part of the man towards the woman, there may well be a particular type of individual who is prone to delayed ejaculation.

According to the most current scientific journals, this individual type is quite likely a person who is somehow disconnected to his personal preferences to induce sexual arousal.

He is generally unable to realize just how aroused he is when indulging in any sexual intercourse.

He regards sex with his partner as some obligation for which he is responsible.

He may consider his partner’s pleasure during sexual intercourse as a basic obligation, and believe that her pleasure must come before anything else and is the priority during sex.

These personalities generally, whether consciously or not, perceive themselves as the “mighty purveyor of sex”, grinding on (sometimes to no avail) to bring the sexual intercourse to a successful climax.

It is also observable that the majority of the partners of men with this condition tend to be somewhat passive about sex, and have an expectation that the male is somehow responsible for their sexual pleasure.

The truth is, they are of course responsible for their personal orgasm. In instances like this, it’s absolutely advantageous to be able to re-educate a couple and make available some useful sexual information.

This way, the couple’s ideas and attitudes about sex and erotic pleasure can be brought more into line with reality.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that males who fall into this subservient sexual profile generally lack solid grasp of their personal gradations of arousal.

In a very real sense, there appears to be some kind of disconnect, or a blank space, in their sexual maturity, in such a way that they have rendered dependent their internal mechanism of sexual pleasure with the external dynamics of engaging in intercourse with a partner.

What I mean by this is that their own erotic world somehow doesn’t serve as a source of sexual arousal and pleasure: they are left in a sort of sexual limbo in which they propose to engage in sexual intercourse minus all the emotional and physical tools that are necessary for the sex act to be a pleasurable and intimate exercise.

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